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Entertainment is an action, event or activity that aims to entertain, amuse and interest an audience ("audience" can consist of one person). The audience may have a passive role, as in the case of persons watching a play or opera, a television show or a movie, or active, as in the case of a video game. More participatory or traditional activities, or those involving relatively static presentations, such as celebrating holidays, playing games, reading, making arts and crafts or viewing works of art are not generally considered entertainment, but rather as pastimes,[citation needed] for entertainment generally requires that the supplier of the show is visible to the viewer,[citation needed] with the exception of video games. Entertainment can attract an audience and influence their actions and thoughts. With respect to those participating in them, active forms of amusement, such as sports, are more often considered to be recreation.[1] Activities such as personal reading or practicing a musical instrument are considered to be hobbies or pastimes. Entertainment may also provide fun, enjoyment and laughter. The industry that provides entertainment is called the entertainment industry. There are many forms of entertainment for example: cinema, theatre, sports, games and social dance. Puppets, clowns, pantomimes and cartoons tend to appeal to children, though many adults may also find them enjoyable. Animation is a form of entertainment which appeals especially to younger audiences. Animation involves the display of rapid movement in any kind of artwork. Most entertainment expects or requires an audience to be passive. Such entertainment may include watching a film or theatrical production and other live performance such as circus, plays, musicals, farces, monologues and pantomimes provide cinematic and theatric entertainment.